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 Planning Department - Garage, Patio, Yard Sale Permit Application

Permit can be requested for a single location or multiple locations (restricted to HOA, apartment, etc.). There is a fee of $20.00 for a single location permit and $40.00 for a multiple location permit. Your application will be reviewed by City staff and you will receive email approval or you will be contacted for additional information. Please allow 3 business days for processing. All information must be entered. You will be able to submit the application after you have clicked on the button at the bottom of the page indicating that you have read the information below.


Applicant                      Phone Number  
Email Address   
Sale Address     
Sale Address must be within Palm Springs City limits

Click here for municipal code.

It is unlawful for any person to conduct or participate in the conduct of sales of personal property to the general public by means of a "garage" sale, "patio" sale, "yard" sale, or similar sale of personal property to the general public on residentially zoned property shall, concurrently pay a fee as established by resolution of the City Council, and file an application with the Department of Planning & Building. The applicant does hereby declare under penalty of perjury or by affidavit, that all items to be sold are lawfully possessed, owned, utilized and maintained by such applicant in connection with the use of the premises and have not been acquired, possessed or consigned for the sale.

Only one such sale may be conducted at a particular place in any six-month period. No sale shall continue more than three (3) consecutive days. Sales shall be conducted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. only. Merchandise offered for sale shall not be displayed or stored on public rights-of-way.

One sign located on the property where the sale is being conducted is authorized subject to the following provisions:

(1) Sign shall not exceed (5) five square feet.

(2) Top of sign shall not exceed four (4) feet high from ground level.

(3) Sign shall be single faced.

(4) No sign shall be located within the public rights-of-way including, but not limited to, telephone poles, street signs, or trees that are within the public rights-of-way.

(5) Sign shall be displayed only on permitted days of sale.

Any person, firm, or corporation violating any of the provisions of the Chapter is guilty of an infraction punishable under the law.

Begin Date
End Date
Hours of Sale
I have read and understand the above stated provisions regulating garage, patio, and yard sales.